Frequently asked questions about fire doors

Fire doors are a crucial safety element for any residential, commercial or industrial building and the people inside. We’ve collated some of the most asked questions our team receives to help clarify any queries you may have. 

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Fire Rated Doors consist of a door leaf and frame with additional hardware including handles, locks, air grilles, closers and vision panels. They must comply with the Australian Standard AS1905.1. Fire doors must be self-closing and self-latching.

To ensure your fire door complies with the Building Code of Australia regulations, Precision Doors recommends you undertake inspections every 3, 6, 9 or 12 months.

Appropriate signage is critical for all fire doors in the Northern Territory and must comply with Australian fire door regulations set out by the National Construction Code and the Building Code of Australia. All signage must be marked clearly and visibly on both sides of the door.

Provided the doors are in good condition and are still regulating to safety standards, you don’t have to replace your door. If the door is not correctly tagged, in disrepair or has faulty hardware, you must replace the door immediately.

Yes. Closers ensure your fire door shuts automatically for fire control, security, privacy and environmental applications.

Yes. From the scorching heat to harsh storms and wind, Darwin has some harsh and varying weather throughout the year. Timber, especially, is more prone to shrinking, bowing and warping in high temperatures. Wind drafts and condensation can also have damaging effects on your doors. Speak to our team today for advice on how to keep your door from distorting.

It depends what model you choose. We can set you up with an automatic gate that uses optical sensors or motion detectors to trigger the opening function. Whether you want the gate installed with a slide or swing function, we provide everything you need to ensure convenience and security at your home or business, including access control if required.